𝗧𝗠&𝗬 is an electronic music collective, event promoter and cultural content creator founded in 2018 with the aim of democratizing techno events in Paris and elsewhere.The Electro scene has indeed evolved a lot in recent years ...

𝗧𝗠&𝗬 is not limited to music but seeks to exploit different dimensions of art in the broad sense by involving artists of static and animated visual art in order to offer a complete show, a multidimensional journey, an immersion.

𝗧𝗠&𝗬 is also a family and a team of people from different backgrounds who have joined forces to share and promote their passion for electronic music and art as a whole. Bilel [manager], Hamza [artistic director], Remi [technical director], Mariem [coordinator], Mahmoud [graphic designer] and May [app developer] work in complementarity to ensure the organization of events with international artists.